Guiding is my life, I live eat and breathe carpin 365 days per year!.

Paul Hunt history from England, France & Canadian, USA.  Paul is from the UK and he has guided clients from all over the world.

  Canada, St. Lawrence river in Ontario: Paul has been carp fishing the St. Lawrence River for 22 years now. He has been guiding on the St. Lawrence since 1998 making him the longest running carp guide on the St. Lawrence river as well as the first! In the early days of Paul's guiding he pioneered and sought out the very best fishing swim's along certain area's of the river, and during these early days he admiringly named some of the swims he fished most regularly such as The Pines - The Silver Birch etc... Nowadays many of these names are often used by all anglers fishing these very swims. Over the years the carps locations and patterns have changed somewhat in the river and Paul has made sure that he is and will always, be on top of the best carp fishing in the St. Lawrence River, and now he fish's new swims all around the River Island Manor. One of his most memorable catches is a nine day stint on the river with one of his mates in which they banked a whopping  6 tons of carp with 113 under 20s & 245-20s 108-30s  8-40s two over 45lb to 49lb and a 50lb 9oz all on dvd!. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS!

 Canada In BC On The Fraser River:  Paul decided to try his hand at a bit of Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river and was able to bank this whopping 800 lb, 10ft monster and 5.5ft round. The fight is more like a haul", Paul says. And it is absolutely entirely the fish making all the decisions until after about 3 hours (in this case) when it tires and you can proceed to haul up the incredible lump you have hooked into!  Paul was able to bank 5 other Sturgeon over 100lbs which made for a very successful 4 day fishing excursion on the Fraser. Lisa (your hostess) also had a few over 100lb with the largest weighing in at 250 lbs...The second trip Paul landed Sturgeon up to 8ft long 320lb and trip 3 when well also with Paul landing a 8ft long 340lb Sturgeon.

  Texas:  Lisa and i had a epic day in Texas lake that was 27,000 arces we landed 1-63lb 10oz buffalo, which we both had offciall weighed with offcial by the sportmans association and is the second biggist from texas at the time, 4x50s buff weighing in at 53lb, 51lb, 50lb 8oz, 50lb 4oz, 1-40lb+ 1-39lb buffs plus a lake biggest common at 40lb 4oz, plus 2-30lb+ 29lb, 28lb, 25lb+ 24lb 20s.

  We went back in 2015 to enter the Lake Fork Texas 72 Carp & Buffalo Challenge
and we WON IT!!!

  Tennessee: I  fished a 28,000 arce lake for 10 days and what a 10 days it was, Landing 44 carp biggest common & Mirror in the lake to date a 44lb+ C, and fully-mirror 44 lb+


Texas, Emma: I was targeting the BIG Buffalo in Austin Texas for a holiday in 2016, Its was going to be the best to date! landing over 12-40s and my second 60lb+ at 65lb+ plus and a PB grassy at 47lb.

  Darenth Big Lake: As far as carp fishing goes, Darenth was the place that caught the heart of your host Paul Hunt.  Not surprising really that he  spent an amazing 11 years there. At the time, Darenth held many of the biggest UK carp in it's waters and many of the top names in the Carp industry have fished it's waters such as Kevin Maddocks, Lee Jackson to name but a few. Paul still produced a lot of the big named, resident fish such as: 'Stumpy, Small Head, which went missing for two years and everyone assumed this fishhad died was caught at 37lb 8oz by Paul biggest ever weight at that time, 'Fully Scaled' came in at 27lb 10oz, 'Lumpy' which was the biggest fish that ever came out of Darenth at the time of fishing it came in at a whopping 36lb+ and last but not least, Paul took his chances at the Darenth Tip lake and produced "Scar Bar' and some of his other larger friends. Scar Bar came in at 34lb 8oz! 

  The First Dream Lakes:  This lake was 40+ acres and stacked up with weed, a very hard venue to comprehend for any angler!  Fish stock: very few fish but of good size. Paul put himself to the test to help try and figure out the new venue, it's features and the fish that swim it's waters. Fish to 61lb had been caught so Paul's hopes of landing a biggie were high! Paul took one of his biggest fish of the trip with this lovely specimen on the left weighing in at 39lb 8oz, just that tiny bit away from the magical 40 mark (the scales never lie!)  Another 39lb and a good few 20's were also caught from the lake.

  The Manor Farm In Essex,  Aka Dollop City: As you all know, Manor Farm is one of the hardest waters in Essex producing some amazing fish to those that can handle it!  Paul landed the famous  'Amphibian' the biggest resident of the lake weighing in at 42lb 4oz....not bad for a first English forty!  Within six weeks, Paul had landed the majority of the biggest fish at the Manor which all fell to a newly designed rig at that time.

''Our Promise to you...We will make every effort to ensure YOUR CARP HOLIDAY dreams come true!"