"Our Promise to you..We will make every effort to ensure YOUR CARP HOLIDAYS dreams come true!"

In the Beginning: aul had an early start in carp fishing at the tender age of nine. Very early on a passion for the sport developed and he soon became  became an avid carp angler, fishing many of the U.K.'s circuit waters relentlessly as well as fishing alongside many of the U.K.'s most renowned carp anglers. Rewarded for his persistance Paul experienced many exceptional catches from these U.K. venues as well as European waters.  In 1988 Paul wanted to broaden his carp fishing experience and  decided to venture over to Canada. It was during that first visit to the Province of Ontario that Paul quickly came to realize how prolific and untapped the carp fishing was there. In fact, he had never experienced anything like it, hard fighting commons and lots of them! Paul returned numerous times over the next decade, gaining knowledge with each visit as well as expanding his passion for fishing these wild virgin carp. Paul soon came to realize that it was the St. Lawrence River that he wanted to concentrate on and after quite a few trips fishing various locations along the entire length of the river (over 700 miles), he would target a 40 mile stretch of majestic river that had by far produced the best catches.  Paul's pioneering of this specific stretch of  river set the wheels in motion for the St. Lawrence River becoming one if not the best carp fishing destination in the world..

 Throughout the years: By 1998 Paul had amassed extensive knowledge of the carp's feeding patterns and trends in the vast river and decided to emmigrate to Canada and open Canadian Carpin Holidays, the first company to ever offer carp fishing holidays in Canada!  CCH offers European anglers top notch, all-inclusive, carp fishing holidays on the St. Lawrence River. Each season brought in more and more European anglers who were amazed at the quality of carp fishing the river offered as well as the hassle free package CCH provides. Many of them would return year after year to once again experience the sheer power of these wild carp.  By 2005 it was time to expand and CCH acquired it's next venue, The River Island Manor, an beautiful, expansive property from which CCH continued to thrive. Over the years guests have often commented on how exceptional the accomodations are at CCH, and this element has always been a high priority and one that we at CCH continue to take pride in. Always keenly focused on CCHs' growth in 2013 we decided it was time to start scouting out our next venue and we knew we would have our work cut out for us! Read on below to find out Where we are Now! Where we are now: In late 2013 CCH acquired it's newest venue, The River Rock. Situated along the St. Lawrence Rivers prolific fishing area's The River Rock is perfectly situated to continue to offer our anglers, not only the best in fishing but the best in accommodations as well.  The expansive, well-appointed, modern venue offers guests the perfect base to relax and recharge for the next days session. We look forward to CCHs' new chapter commencing at the start of our 2014 season and we encourage you to take a look around this website to see why our guests rate us as the top carp holiday destination.


   Paul Hunt: Founder of CCH and your host & guide with 23 years experience on the St. Lawrence River and the longest running carp guide in Canada. Click here for guide history

Lisa hunt: Host and chef providing you with exceptional meals during your stay with us, as well as arranging days out for our non-anglers guests.


''Our Promise to you...We will make every effort to ensure YOUR CARP HOLIDAY dreams come true!"